it's good to be here with you,​

Hi kindred spirits, my name is Thuy (or Tee/ Tea), the person behind La Luna Land. 

I welcome you on this self-healing journey – through exploring your unique relationship to life, and harnessing a deeper intimacy with presence and learning to love yourself unconditionally. 

My mission is to show up for you so that you can once again recognise the most vital, courageous, and EMPOWERED version of yourself, and thus relate to all of life from this place.

“I’d spent years and years searching outside myself for my missing pieces. And then one day, I realized that the answers are to be found within. They are here and now”

La Luna - The Healing Land

La Luna is also a healing space in which we can find power to heal our body, mind and soul by truly connecting with ourselves and others. My intention to build La Luna is to create a safe, healing space so that those who needs it can find it. In addition to individual healing offers, La Luna also has many different events and workshops such as sharing circles, healing circles and group meditation,… which allow us to connect with each other and connect with ourselves. At La Luna, you are free to express your emotions, your feelings and your thoughts. At La Luna, there is no presence of judgment, comparison, expectation. At La Luna we are one.

(La Luna healing space is currently closed because I’m on a quest for self-realization while collecting inspiring stories from people on the road. I’m really sorry for this inconvenience. However, I believe that the wisdom and knowledge and experiences I’ve gained throughout the journey will make La Luna a better place. Follow my journey at

“To listen is to lean in softly with a willingness to be changed by what we hear.”

— Waheed

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