La Luna's Crystal Shop

Healing seeds

In La Luna there are many healing seeds sown. And the first seed is the Crystal Shop – where I share some hand-made crystal macrames and natural stones. The shop is also a place where people learn, share and exchange knowledge, understanding, and stories on the healing journey.

Connecting with Mother Gaia

Over millions of years lying deep in the earth, crystals have had the opportunity to absorb the quintessence of heaven and earth, of the universe. Each crystal is a soul with its intelligence and powerful healing energy. Therefore, when we use crystals, we are absorbing their pure, powerful energy to create positive effects on our physical body, energy, spirit, and emotions. Humans have long been using the energy of natural stones to heal. The Crystal Healing concept is no longer unfamiliar. On the contrary it is slowly gaining popularity. I myself also started to learn about crystals after a while on the path of energy healing. Now I also incorporate crystal energy in my Reiki practices and meditation.

Crystals at La Luna are natural stones, unprocessed and handcrafted to preserve the energy of the stone. Rock is inherently raw material formed in the ground, so it is inevitable that there are uneven concave flaws on the rock surface, or the cracks inside the rock bed, sometimes mixed with some magnetic impurities. other minerals. Because of that, the stones at La Luna will have many different shapes, colors, sizes and each necklace / bracelet in La Luna is unique.

Every crystal at La Luna is regularly cleansed to remove all low vibration energies that do not belong to them. Once cleansed, the stone will be charged to restore its natural energy. There are many ways to cleanse and charge crystals. At La Luna, I choose to use sage smoke, Reiki or the full moonlight. These are among the safest ways to cleanse and charge crystals.

An "evergreen" land of La Luna

At La Luna, it’s not just about healing or crystals. La Luna is also a place where we connect with Mother Gaia. I know nothing is perfect, and it’s impossible not to generate waste. I am still trying every day.

In product packaging, instead of using paper boxes, I will pack the items in a drawstring bag. These cloth bags are reusable. Each item at La Luna has a tag with the name and healing properities of the stone attached. These tags are all made of recycled Kraft paper and they are handwritten instead of printed (in order to limit the use of fuel in printing). I’d appreciate it if you could return the tag if you no longer need it.

Regarding deliveries, I will do my best to minimize paper / plastic waste by reusing old paper boxes. If you don’t live too far away from the shop, I encourages you to go to the store to buy crystals instead of buying them online because this will save a large part of the packaging.

And what’s more, a tree will be planted somewhere on Earth with every order you make at La Luna.

The tree planting project that La Luna participates in is One Tree Planted. Every time you make a purchase at La Luna, you will receive a thank you card from One Tree Planted via email (I might need to ask for your email address and name for each order). 
Read more about the One Tree Planted project here!

Sending you love and light,