In-person Reiki Healing

"Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing". - Mikao Usui

***Note: All in-person Reiki healing sessions in 2021 January, Febuary and March are fully booked.

If you wish to receive Reiki healing, you can book a distance session which is FREE until 20/03/2021. To do so, simply select the “Distance” option in the booking form after confirming your appointment time & date.

What happens during a treatment?
Experiences during a Reiki treatment vary. Some people see beautiful colours and images that mean something to them, some feel a slight tingling sensation, others feel heat or cold in certain areas. Some feel floaty and light whilst others may feel heavy and grounded. Some people may also cry or laugh as blocked energy is released.

People often fall asleep during their session which is absolutely fine.

Each 60-90 minute Reiki Treatments include:

  • A consultation before treatment and a summary of what was experienced by the practitioner after the session
  • Pendulum work to identify energy blocks
  • An invitation to intuitively select a crystal to take home
  • Reiki Principals take home card
  • A warm soothing cup of tea
  • An invitation to join a community of like-minded souls

In-person Reiki Session Fees

  • 60-minute In-person Healing Reiki Session – $55.00
    (Book 4 sessions for $200)
  • 90-Minute In-person Healing Reiki Session – $75
    (Book 4 sessions for $290)

To learn more about Reiki and how to prepare for a distance Reiki healing session, please visit Reiki Healing.

Please note that all in-person treatments will be performed at La Luna (Thanh Xuan, Hanoi, Vietnam). The detailed address will be included in your reminder email which is often sent to you 1 or 2 days prior to the appointment.