Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine Associations

Color Light or dark green with sparkly flecks caused by Mica inclusions
Chakra 4th (Heart)
Element Earth, Water
Water cleansing Yes
Zodiac Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Libra
Best for Healing, Abundance, Growth

I attract abundance in my career, relationships and life.

Green Aventurine Affirmation

Green Aventurine Healing Properties and Benefits

Physical Healing Properties

  • Promotes healing of the physical body
  • Diminishes energetic blocks that may be causing acne and other skin problems
  • Neutralises all sources of electromagnetic pollution, blocking out emanations from computers, television and other electronic equipment
  • Settles nausea and dissolves negative emotions and thoughts.
  • Brings well-being and emotional calm
  • Help strengthen eyesight.
  • Relieves symptoms of allergies
  • Removes energetic sources of headache and migraine pain
  • Aids in problems related to the nervous system
  • Helps prevent heart-related conditions

Mental and Emotional Healing Properties

  • Increases wealth and prosperity
  • Transmutes negative energy into positive energy
  • Encourages compassionate behavior
  • Enhances inner-strength
  • Promotes love
  • Instills a feeling of inner peace

Spiritual Healing Properties

  • Assists past life regressions and ascensions
  • Balances the mind, body, and spirit
  • Increases protection
  • Encourages spiritual growth and ascension

How to Use Your Green Aventurine Crystal

Crystals are powerful healers when used with consciousness, clear intention, and positive energy. Here are a few ways to use your crystals:

  • Curate a crystal collection and interact with it in any way that inspires you.
  • Decorate your personal space or office with crystals and stones and appreciate their unique beauty regularly.
  • Wear crystal jewelry.
  • Give crystals as meaningful and personal gifts.
  • Meditate with your crystals.
  • Tuck a crystal into your pocket, wallet, your bra, or under your pillow (some crystals are too intense for bedroom).
  • Place them in sunny window sills or in your plants. Be mindful that colored stones such as amethyst will fade over time if left in the sun.
  • Program your crystal with a healing mantra and allow the crystal’s energy to amplify the message into your environment.
  • Create a crystal grid with your crystals

Descriptions of the healing properties of crystals are from the following sources

  • My own experiences and observations of crystals
  • The Crystal Bible: A Definitive Guide to Crystals by Judy Hall
  • Gemstone Healing: How to Choose and Use the Right Crystal and Healing Technique by Michael Gienger
  • Crystals: The modern guide to crystal healing by Yulia Van Doren
  • The Little Book of Crystals: A Beginner’s Guide to Crystal Healing by Astrid Carvel

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using alternative medicine or making a change to your regimen.